Chi Combat System the perfect system for health, confidence & self defence.


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Chi Combat System© is not ‘just’ about punching and kicking – this is only one aspect of our programme to help you develop into a successful healthy person now or later adult life.

So what is it we can offer apart from Self Defence, Anti-Abductor Training and effective anti-bullying techniques? Chi Combat System© helps and improves your power of concentration, self control, discipline, more self esteem, have a ‘winning attitude’ for exams (and in life), have a cardiovascular work-out and so promoting health, better behavior at home or in school and get mentally stimulated for ‘positive thinking’

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John Delargy
John Delargy
04:40 09 May 23
This class teaches discipline, confidence and positivity for adults and kids alike. Strongly recommend!
Amy McEwen
Amy McEwen
05:13 07 May 23
Fun, friendly and professional. Love these classes!
Ronak Aurelien
Ronak Aurelien
13:45 27 May 21
I'm very satisfied with the demanding level of the classes. It requires you to think in a real situation with different scenarios and events. It forces you to respond in ways you are not programmed to, such as responding to a knife attack, a stick attack, a group attack, a group attack with sticks, knives, a sudden attack, etc. In other words you are put into a position where you have no choice but learn and react quickly!The classes are structured around all ages, genders and levels. It has 2 coaches on top of the instructor to teach and monitor the children. It's great for families, especially if you want your child to know how to defend himself/herself and acquire discipline. Everyone is asked to learn a pledge and abide by its principles outside the class.And if you are after a class where only technique without practice prevails then this class isn't for you.
Manuel Ruiu
Manuel Ruiu
20:32 16 Jul 18
When I was trying to sign up my two boys to self defence classes I was looking for something that could also relate to real life , like a street fight situation. So after trying a few introductory classes in different disciplines we came across Chi Combat, a self defence system that promises discipline, self-esteem boost, self-control and the ability to defend oneself from a different variety of dangerous situation.My kids have been attending for 8 months now with no regrets.Adrian is patient, friendly and always eager to share his knowledge.
jason wadsworth
jason wadsworth
19:34 19 Jun 18
Have been attending this class for the last five months with my 5 year old son and we are really enjoying it....up to our yellow belts already! Great for teaching the young one a bit of self discipline and confidence and keeping his father feeling 10 years younger!
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